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Creative Power and Technical Power.
FUCHIOKA assists them.

We cut, shave, polish, and reach. FUCHIOKA contributes to the advanced industrial society with the grinding and polishing technology is expanding our business that the high technology is brought out by the following double power・creative and technical. The ideas of FUCHIOKA aims at the base for providing technical information are “Appreciation and Challenge”. We hope to raise collective strength in which hard and soft is well balanced, and value meeting with our customers.

President Shigeru Fuchioka


Tsubamesanjo and whetstone

The Tsubame Sanjo area in Niigata prefecture, which produces many world-famous products such as Western tableware and cutlery.
The metal processing industry originated in the early Edo period and is now a representative industry of Niigata.
And the "Whet stone" that is absolutely necessary when making blades.
It can be said that the metal processing of Tsubamesanjo has developed along with the grindstone.
And Fuchioka has its head office in Mitsuke City, next to Tsubamesanjo.


Fuchioka has been working with customers, business partners, local people, and many employees for 100 years since its establishment in 1918.
And, while building a history of 100 years, we have established our existence as a wholesale trading company by identifying the trends of that era.
"Thanks and Challenges" is a symbol of "Fuchioka's history" and is a message that expresses "humanity" for all employees in order to leave it to future generations that will never change.
Fuchioka will create a world where we can exchange "thank you" with all the people involved, without forgetting to take on challenges so that the intentions and feelings of our predecessors will not go out in the midst of changes in the times.

Management philosophy

We remain mindful of our founder’s entrepreneurial spirit and pursuit of perfection and the perseverance of our predecessors who devoted their energy and effort to develop this company. Our proud tradition guides us as we continue to challenge ourselves to innovate and improve in all that we do.

Corporate Policy

“Appreciation and Challenge”

Name of the calligrapher: Chou Youseki (1925-)
Calligrapher of the Chinese character’s title of NHK long drama “Dokuganryu Masamune” broadcasted in 1987

Corporate Profile

Name of company FUCHIOKA Corporation
Head office 8-9-1, Imamachi, Mitsuke-City, Niigata-Prefecture 954-0111 JAPAN
Phone: 0258-66-0600
Phone: 0258-66-0606
(Directly to Stone Section of the first business department)
Facsimile: 0258-66-0601
Hokkaido Branch 9-10-20, Utsukushigaoka 5jyo, Kiyota-ku, Sapporo-City, Hokkaido 004-0815 JAPAN
Phone: 011-881-5041 Facsimile: 011-883-5503
Foundation 1918
Establishment December 2, 1953
Capital 50,000,000yen(As of October 31,2003)
President Shigeru Fuchioka

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Corporate History

Fuchioka Total Marketing System

We pursue quality, cost reduction and safety as making it our motto to challenge new market constantly. Moreover, we intend to develop, sell and advise commodities that are applied the latest technology in the age the stream flows along rapidly.

Proposals for each field

Metal polishing process

Grinding technology is indispensable for metal processing. Since its founding, Fuchioka has been working with customers involved in grinding and polishing. Throughout its history, we handle many machines, products, and products to meet the needs of our customers.

List of Articles
  • Various whetstones
  • Oil / cleaning agent
  • Surface treatment equipment
  • Abrasive
  • Grinding tool / cutting tool
  • Machine repair maintenance
Life design

Since our founding, we have been associated with many customers. Most of them are people who support Japanese manufacturing. I would like you to use the professional tool at home. From that wish, I started to handle a lot of household goods. We have an online shop. We also develop products together with our customers.

List of Articles
  • "Migakimasenka"
  • "Kamejirushi" whetstone
  • Safety protector
  • DIY products
  • Tomb equipment / Buddhist equipment
  • Local industry / traditional crafts
Architecture / Civil engineering / Stone

We have been handling stone and civil engineering related items for many years. We have various items related to tombstones, candle stands and machinery and tools from tools necessary for civil engineering and construction.

List of Articles
  • blade
  • Environmental maintenance products
  • Power tools / related products
  • Polished non-woven fabric
  • Blast machine
  • Industrial machinery